What can we offer you?


Typically we help clients do the following. Read testimonials here

1. Earn More

  • Negotiate a higher salary in the current or new position.
  • Learn how to charge higher prices as an entrepreneur.

2. Get that Job

  • Identifying strengths / areas of professional interest.
  • CV and cover letter writing (including editing, content writing and layout).
  • Interview preparation.
  • Salary negotiation.

3. Enjoy a Better Work/ Life Balance

  • Identify priorities: Establish what is “essential” for you and how to safeguard this on a consistent basis
  • Identify your strengths. Doing more of what you are naturally good at, leads to greater levels of happiness and productivity. Conversely, doing less of what you find difficult, will reduce stress
  • Identify your values: clarity on these allows for faster, more effective decision-making and helps you negotiate better with others.

4. Communicate with Authority

  • Prepare for presentations: this can include: the content, structure and practicing delivery.
  • Manage difficult discussions.
  • Write better emails, so that people do what you ask them.

5. To Find a New Partner

'The Most Important Career Choice You'll Make Is Who You Marry' -Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Now, no. 5 might seem like the “odd one out” on this list, but we agree with Sheryl Sandberg. A supportive spouse is a “game changer” for men and women alike. While most ladies profess that love: “Just happened when they least expected it,” they forget that they actually had a strategy to find their partner.
  • Identify what is “essential” in your next relationship.
  • Avoid falling into a new relationship that was as futureless as your last one.
  • Take responsibility for your dating life.

Do we offer anything else? No. But if you face a challenge not listed here, please contact us. We could hopefully suggest another coach who could help you.